Easy Trailer Multi Function Trailers give you a Trailer Package
that can Perform Multiple Tasks.

Imagine... A Trailer that can be a Flat Top Trailer, A Box Trailer, and a Motorbike Carrier, Kayak and Bicycle Trailer, Go Cart & ATV Trailer... All in the ONE Package.
Our Bolt-ON, Bolt-OFF Design allows you to customise & create Multiple Trailers to suit your needs today, and your growing needs of the Future.

Cast Easy Trailer to Your TV

Cast our Website to your Smart TV!

Get the Best Viewing Experience on your
BIG Screen Smart TV.

See it all in in Large Format HD.


Rolling Chassis Trailers

A Range of Rolling Chassis Trailers for your Next Trailer Project.

Lightweight, High Payload
Long Range Highway Rated


Flat Top & Folding Trailers

Add our Floor, or
Fit your own Floor.

Use Plywood, Aluminium, or Compostie Materials to
Deck Out the Trailer


Box Trailers

A Choice of Sides or
Make Your Own Sides.

Basic Box Sides to 
HD Rail & Ramps Sides.


ATV & Buggy Trailers

Our Rail Side & Ramp Combo
makes Loading ATV's & Buggys Easy.

Front & Rear Gates act
as Ramps.

Single Motorcycle Trailers

Set Up for One Bike.
Suits All Trail & Road Bikes.

Lightweight Folding Single
Motorcycle Trailer.

Dual Motorcycle Trailers

ADD a Second Chock to
Carry 2 Motorbikes.

Set Yourself Up a One & Two
Bike Trailer, and a Flat Top Trailer.

Multiple Motorcycle Trailer

ADD as many Bike Chocks
you need to carry One to Three Motorbikes.

HD Rail Box & Ramp Trailers

The Ultimate in Box Sides.
Front & Rear Gates are 500kg Ramps.

Heavy Huty Box Rail Sides with Replacable Steel Panels.

Folding Roll-A-Way Designs

6X4 & 8X4 Models have a Folding Roll a Way Feature to Save Space.

In a Few Minutes, Convert the Trailer to What you Need.

Simple Motorcycle Trailers

Simple Motorbike Trailer Set
Ups for Single Trail Bikes.

Lightweight and Efficent way of Carting your Bike.

ADD your own Floor if you Like.

Sports Crossbar Trailers

Yakima & Thule Roof Accessorys can be Added to Our Crossbars.

Take the Load off the Roof, Save your Back, Bring your Sports Toys Down to Trailer Level.

Box & Crossbar Combo Trailers

Box & Sport Rack Combinations make Weekends & Holidays Easy to Carry your All your Gear, Kayaks, and Bike all in One Package.





Multisport Marine Trailer for Kayaks, Bikes, and Many Other Watercraft
A Versatile Marine Trailer Can Convert from Boat, to Kayak, to Bicycle, and More...
A Unique Stand Up & Roll Option to Store Away the Trailer When not in Use.

Bow Stop & Winch

Optional HD Winch Post &
Winch with Strap.

Add to any 13X3 Combination,
with 46RK Sports Racks or
with 80S Long Skid Kits.

13X3 Base Chassis Trailer

ADD your own Skids, Cradles, 
Holders, Rollers, or Loading System to this Lighweight 
Marine Trailer Base.

Ideal for Special Skid Requirements

Ideal for your Next Marine Sport Project Trailer.

13X3 Boat Trailer

Make it a Boat Trailer.
Our Boat Kit Converts
the Base to a Boat  or Kayak Trailer.

Bow Stop & Roller,
2 x 1800 Long Skids,
HD Bow Stop

Suits Boats & Canoes.

13X3 Sports Crossbar Trailer

Carry 1 to 2 Kayaks Directly on the Bars.
Carry Up to 4 Kayaks on their Side with Roof Stacker Kayak Holders.
Carry Up to 6 Bicycles.
Or a Combination of Kayka & Bikes on One Trailer.

Yakima & Thule Compatible.


Carlex Easy Trailer
Lonsdale SA 5160


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