4 X 3 Chassis Only

Complete Rolling Chassis
4' x 3.5' - 1220mm x 1020mm
Weight 65kg

Trailer Chassis — 1220mm x 1016mm Capacity 505kg ATM, 400+kg Payload (1500 lbs Frame Rating) 
Bed Size 1220mm x 1016mm
Overall Size 1920mm x 1360mm
Tare Weight 65kg
Compliance ADR / ECE
Finish High Gloss Powder Coat Black
Springs HT Slipper Leaf (660kg)

Wheels 12” White Spoke Steel (5mm) Tyres 20” 60PSI,
4PLY High Speed (711kg) 
Hubs/Axle 4 Stud,  
Easy Lube Cast Iron (990kg) 
Bearings 2” Fully Tapered (1600kg) 
Bed Height 475mm  
Coupler 50mm (750kg) 
Coupler Height 410mm

Frame “C” Section 1.5”x2” (2.5mm)
Drawbar 700mm — 2.5”x2.5” (2.5mm) 
Towball Weight 10% of GTM  
Fender Height 70mm  
Lights ADR Combination Type  
Wiring 7-Pin Flat Loom


50mm Coupler

50mm Towball ADR/ECE
Qick Release Coupler.
Easy To Use & Hold Trailer.


Leaf Spring Suspension

3 Leaf Slipper Springs.
Simple, Reliable,
Long Lasting.


Easy Lube Hubs

Grease your Hubs easily via the Grease Fitting. Greases the Core of the Hub, Both Bearings Greased Quickly.


HIgh Speed Trailer Wheels

Light Truck Trailer Tyres.
Highway Rated.
Low Drag, Fuel Efficent, and
Long Lasting.


ADD a Floor

17mm Formply Floor
Light and Tough.

6x4 Folding Trailer

ADD Sides

Make it a Box Trailer
with Bolt On Sides
240mm High with Tail Gate


ADD Motorbike Options

Front Chocks, Transport Stands, Channels, Tie Rings, Ramps and More...


ADD Sports Racks

Yakima and Thule Compatible Sports Rack System.
Add Bike & Kayak Holders, Pods and More...

WR12 Wheel & Tyre

Highspeed R12 Wheel.

OPTIONAL: Holding U Bolt
Mount Below or Above Drawbar

68AC Castor Stand

Folding Castor Jockey Stand.
Folds Up & Locks into Place
4" Rubberised 360 Deg. Wheel

TR-01 D Ring Packs

500kg Rated Traingle D Rings.
50mm Triangle, Inc Bolts.
Available in 10 or 4 Packs

46MX HD Motorbike Stand

The Ultimate Motorcycle Transport Stand. 750kg Rated.
Holds Front Wheel & Stand Your Bike Upright.

30MF Motorbike Front Chock

130mm Wide x 950mm Long
50mm Tall Sides
Suits all Motorcycles up to 120mm Wide Tyres.

JW Jockey Wheel

Dual Wheel, 6" Castors.
Folding Design.
ADDs 8kg to Drawbar Weight

46TB Tie Bar Set

500mm Long Frame Extension
Bars to Extend Tie Straps Outside the Frame

46RK HD Sports Crossbars

300kg Rated, 1600mm Wide
30mm Square HD Pipe.
ADD Thule & Yakima Sports Accessories to Carry Bikes, Kayaks and More

CKEYLOK1 Coupler Handle Lok

Locks the Operation of the Coupler Handle Completely.
Unique Internal Key Lock.
Cannot Remove wihout KEY.

Parking Coupler Lock

Off Car Trailer Parking Lock.
Integral Tow Ball Locking System when Trailer is Parked.

WC Parking Wheel Clamp

HD Wheel Clamp Suits from R12 Up. Key Locking. 
Hint: Lock both Wheels with 2 Units.

STX4 Ratchet Strap x 4

454kg Rated Ratchet Strap Set.
4.2m Length with Hook Ends.

        PT2 Pulley Lock Tie Set

Kayak & Canoe Tie Set.
Soft Cord, Pulley Tie System.
Quick Release.

RF Red Flag

Use a RED Flag on OVERHANGING items.

Back of Kayaks, Boats, Lumber, 
or anyting that exceeds the 
back of the Trailer.

Safety for everyone.

17R HD Steel Ramp

400kg Rated HD Ramp.
1700mm Long x 380mm Wide.
Mesh Steel Surface

TEE Universal T Nut Set

Ideal to Set a Thread into Plywood Floors to Mount Motorbike Channels, Boxes, and Other items Across the Floor of the Trailer.
10 Pack, includes 40mm Long Bolts & Spring Washers & 4 Pack Available.


Carlex Easy Trailer
Lonsdale SA 5160


Email: sales@easytrailer.com.au 
Phone: 1300 881 787