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Boat Trailer, Boat Trailers & Kayak Trailer
Boat Trailer 880GA from 2.4 to 3.9m
Kayak Trailer 880GA Kayaks from 3.0m to 5.8m

Brand New Boat Trailer
Hot Dipped Galvanised Finish Boat Trailer
100% Brand New Wheels & Tyres
12 Month Warranty
VIN Plate for Australia Wide Rego
Weighs 60kg, Max payload is 300kg
Suit Boats 2.0 to 3.9m x up to 1.8m wide
Fully Adjustable Boat Trailer, Tilt Rocker Skids
Full Trailer Lighting Kit included

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Delivery Australia Wide Available

Best Value Boat Trailer In Australia Today.
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boat trailer, boat trailers
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