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Easy Trailer is a Revolution in Trailer Design.

A trusted Design for over 55 Years from a Leading Worldwide Trailer Manufacturer using Quality Parts and Materials with Modern Manufacturing Methods.

All Trailer Designs have been Fully Engineered, Fully Tested & Certified for the Rated Payloads & Specifications.

We have a Range of Multi Function Utility Trailers and a Range of Marine Trailers to suit a variety of needs.

Trailers for General Purpose, Motorcycles, Boats, Go-Carts, ATV's, Buggies, Golf Cars, Scooters, Camping, Garden, Ultralights, Hovercraft, Sail Craft, Jet Skis, and a range of applications to suit a variety of needs.

Easy Trailer provides an Australia Wide Service. No matter where you live, Easy Trailer can provide a Trailer Package to suit.

Our Committed Staff at Easy Trailer are happy to assist with any enquiry. Browse through our Website & Catalogue to see all about Easy Trailer Products.

Contact Us for more Information at your leisure.
Multi Function (tm) Easy Trailer
Easy Trailer Multi Function Trailers give you a Trailer Package that can Perform Multiple Tasks.

Imagine... A Trailer that can be a Flat Top Trailer, A Box Trailer, and a Motorbike Carrier all in the ONE Package.

Our Bolt-ON, Bolt-OFF Design allows you to customise & create Multiple Trailers to suit your needs today, and your growing needs of the Future.

Accessories when you need them...
... buy them as you need them.

Too Easy!
Which Trailer Stores into the Smallest Space?
Easy Trailer Multi Function Trailers have models that can can Fold Up & Roll-A-Way for Storage.
Within Minutes, you can Pack your trailer away when not in use. It's Multi Function Feature gives you more than 1 trailer.
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