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Questions & Answers
Why are your Trailers Bolted and Not Welded?
Welding is a permanent attachment method. Once a Weld is made the part must be damaged or destroyed to disassemble. Bolting is not permanent, parts can be readily disassembled if any one of them is damaged.

Welding, joining metal together, is a process that occurs at sub-atomic levels. The extreme heat to fuse metal together physically changing the property of the original steel. If not re-heat treated after the weld, the join shall have annealed zones around the weld. Meaning the weld is strong, the original steel is strong, but the heated zone between the weld and the original steel has a different crystalline structure. This affect has produced a dissimilar metal structure within each join. Ultimately resulting in catastrophic corrosion that cannot be maintained and a weakness in the joint susceptible to failure. See Chart to the right

Welded Components on Carlex Easy Trailer have been re-heat treated to maintain original steel structure.

Carlex Easy Trailer uses High Tensile Bolts with superior Nylok Anti Loose Nuts. A Bolted Chassis Design is nothing new. FACT - Most modern Prime Mover Truck Chassis are Bolted and all other components are bolted to the Chassis.

Carlex Easy Trailer adopted the same methods as Truck Design. This method is the ultimate in strength, lightweight, flexibility and serviceability. The bolts do not loosen, same as the car you are driving.

Why Use C Section Steel over RHS?
The most distinct feature is C Section has 100% paint coverage. RHS (Rectangular Hollow Section) is a hollow section that cannot be painted inside. RHS will rust from inside outwards, making it impossible to inspect for corrosion.

Engineered C Section Steel Chassis are common with Modern Truck Chassis. The design provides excellent tension, torsion, and shear load properties.

The Carlex Easy Trailer Chassis design uses manufactured A Grade Steel, A Steel free of impurities and recycled metals. Designed with extremely high payload to weight ratio, each beam section can carry over 2000 Lbs (950kg). This means we use less cross members, less weight to carry bigger payloads.

What Bearings do you use?
Our Bearings are specifically selected for High Speed, High Payload, Long Distance, Long Lifespan with minimal maintenance.
They are Fully Tapered, High Quality Rollers, 2" in Diameter. Fitted to both sides of a Cast Iron Hub.
Our Bearing is designed to run at low temperatures at high speed providing a bearing lifespan of over 80,000kms with minimal care.

Why do we have R12 (12") Wheels?
To keep the Trailer Height at Australian Design Rule Height for all Towbars. No matter what vehicle, the towball height is always similar.
Our wheels give a lower centre of gravity for the payload, this provides high speed stability - no swaying, and a Lower Loading Height
A Narrow High Speed, High Pressure Light Truck Tyre, common to all truck trailers and selected for the following reasons:
- Minimal road tyre drag
- Minimal petrol consumption
- High speed stability against snaking/swaying
- Excellent lifespan averaging over 60,000kms
Tyres are fitted to a heavy duty white spoke steel rim, common to offroad vehicles
FACT: Some of the highest payload oversized lowloader trucks run R12 Tyres

Why that style of coupler?
Modern Manufacturing techniques would use Forged Steel components in lieu of cast iron. A Forged Steel part is made from A Grade single piece steel formed to the shape of the part without flaws. Cast Iron Components can contain impurities, defects within the casting which can fracture easily on impact
Forged couplings are impact resistant and do not crack like cast iron couplers
Carlex Easy Trailer chooses Forged Couplings made to an Australian Standard for additional safety.

What is my Towbar Downball Weight?
Carlex Easytrailer operates between 10kg to 75kg depending on your overall payload. It will not exceed the maximum rated downball weight fitted to most vehicles at the rated maximum payload. How? The 60/40 Weight Distribution ensures that only 10% of the gross weight is transferred to the towing hitch. A must have balance on any trailer.

Why don't you offer a Jockey Wheel with the trailer?
Unlike other trailers that are heavy to lift and maneuver, Carlex Easy Trailer can be easily moved with one hand and connected to your vehicle without reversing and assistance to connect the trailer to the car.

How Strong are the Folding Trailers?
Engineered Folding Mechanisms can be Stronger that the Rigid equivalent.
For over 120 years, Folding Truck Trailers have served the Logging Industry Worldwide.
Military Aircraft, capable of supersonic speeds, have had folding wings as a part of their design since 1913.
The Folding Trailer developed for cars have been around since the 1950's.
It just seems new to Australia.

What do you mean by Engineered?
Our Trailers are not only designed by professional qualified and experienced Engineers, who have extensively tested the Trailers...
- For Australian Roads
- Load tested to Destruction
- Crash Tested for Airbag Deployment & Vehicle Body Intrusion Laws
Together with inbuilt high safety factors and meeting worldwide standards which exceed Australian Conditions and Standards.
Our Chassis are rated as Chassis only without the need of floor and/or sides for structural stability. Most Un-Braked Trailers rely on floor and sides for the strength. FACT: Without the sides the trailer structure becomes unstable.
Our Chassis are designed with a 7 to 1 Strength Ratio and just like Flat Bed Truck Trailers, they do not need Side Walls to maintain strength. Addition of Sides to our Design, only increases the Trailers overall Strength.

Can I Tow Interstate at High Speeds?
Yes, absolutely. 130 km/h + including Load, all day long. As all modern cars are highway capable, Carlex Easy Trailer has the same capabilities.

Do your Trailers Sway, Chatter, Skip, or try to Steer your Vehicle?

Our Truly Engineered Designs are a Perfect Marriage for all cars, Why?
High Pressure Light Truck Tyres stops tyre sway.
60 / 40 Weight Distribution keeps a lighter weight on your towball and does not depress the car's suspension.
60 / 40 Weight Distribution also keeps your Trailer in perfect alignment with your vehicle at high speed travel.
The High Tensile Beam Axle will keep the Trailer wheels in perfect alignment, no matter what the road conditions are.
The Bolt Together Chassis ensures that the trailer chassis is in perfect alignment and squareness unlike welded chassis that usually have Torsional Stress and Twist due to the manufacturing process. FACT: Remove / Cut your welded box trailer sides away and the results are evident.
Lightweight but Stronger. The Lighter Trailer will not adversely affect your vehicles towing performance. Better Braking, Better Overtaking, Fuel Savings, keeping you Safer.

Can I go Off Road?
Yes, Our Trailers are as Capable as your Car. A distinct advantage is being lighter with a flexible design that does not drag your car down with excessive weight and engineered flex to resist failures common to all Trailers made too rigid. FACT: All Aircraft Wings and Bridges flex otherwise they break.
Hint: For extreme off road approach & departure angles, we suggest to fit an off-road swivel coupler to provide high articulation for off-road use.

Do I have to store my Trailer undercover?
No. The Trailer can be stored outdoors. A breathable cover can be used but must be breathable to stop condensation formation under the cover.
The Polyester Baked Powder Coating is a hard durable finish and provides an excellent lifespan for many years in all conditions. Of course, storing indoors will give a lifetime of service.

Can I Register the Carlex Easy trailer in any State of Australia?
Yes. All Trailers are issued with an Approved Compliance Plate with the Vehicle Idendification Number (V.I.N.) and is recognised by all state road authorities.

What's the Australian Laws for Un-braked Trailers?
750kg Gross Vehicle Weight is the Maximum Capacity for un-Braked Trailers.
This includes the weight of the trailer including your load.
Note that some cars will have a lesser Gross Towing Un-Braked Capacity, consult car owners manual.
Carlex Easy Trailer maximises your Payload with Engineered Lightweight Designs.
We are Lighter, so your can carry more load, it's that simple.
A Welded Heavy Duty Trailer rated at 750kg Gross will carry less weight than a Carlex Easy Trailer. So to maximise your load, lighter is better and safer and does not need a large vehicle to tow it effectively.
It does not make sense to have a trailer weigh as much as your load.
Also, make note of your maximum towball down weight, most are only rated to 75kg maximum, so make sure you do not exceed your car's limitations.

Who is Carlex Easy Trailer?
Carlex Easy Trailer is an Evolution of over 55 years Worldwide Experience.
Unlike a Trailer that is still based around a design from the early 70's to suit cars from the 70's, Carlex Easy Trailer has evolved its design to perfectly suit the requirements of the modern vehicle.
Carlex is 100% Australian Owned and Operated.
Our 100% Australian Owned Distribution and transport Network provides Australian Engineered products delivered FREE* direct to your door Australia Wide.
Carlex's exclusive partnership with one of the world's leading trailer manufacturer, based in Taiwan, has been manufacturing high quality Trailers, Automotive, and Garden Equipment for over 55 years to over 30 countries. Taiwan, famous for high quality, consistency and excellent service, manufacturing the highest quality of goods for the world wide market.
Our Partnership has produced Easy Trailer Multifunction high quality Trailers, Australian Engineered that meets the need and growing demand of the Australian Customer.
A 100% Australian Company Guarantee, 100% Backed by a world class leader in Trailer manufacturing.
Carlex Pty Ltd
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